Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sinuses, Sabers, and A Car Named Agnes...

So I was sitting thinking about what to write about this week. I have been struggling through some sinus headaches caused by allergies, and haven't been able to concentrate very clearly. So, I was a little worried that writing would be a bad idea. So I chose the safe route for updating. After all the drama of late, I figured I would just talk about what has been happening this week. It's been a week full of surprises and some really good laughs. A welcome change to last week.

So, most people know I used to be a dancer. And that I taught professionally for years. But about 5 years ago, for reasons to many and to complicated to mention right now, I quit. I didn't dance. I didn't teach. I didn't choreograph anything, save for a piece for my friends Corey and Meredith's wedding. But that was an extra special exception. So earlier this year, I felt ready to get back into the dance game, and held auditions for a new crew to work with. It has been slow. I've had some false starts. Last week, I had zero dancers. By Sunday, I had one. By Monday afternoon, I had four. Four amazing, talented, gifted dancers. Dancers who were quite game, and able to throw caution to the wind and create a piece to be done this Sunday. A piece set to music that can only be described as Beethoven on acid. A piece that includes sabers (swords) and flags, and some serious kick butt moves. And after two rehearsals, I am more excited to debut this piece than anything I have ever done professionally. So if any of you are around this area on Sunday, you might want to see this. It even marks my return to the stage, not that I really wanted it to. But I am training up a dance army so that I won't have to be dancing much longer. Really super excited about this, although I have had to dance and work with sinus issues, which makes simple pirouettes very difficult. The only thing I am sad about is that my friend and fellow dance warrior, Nicole is in Denver and won't be here to see an idea she helped shape finally come to life.

And in the funny but true category, we now have a car named Agnes. You heard me right, Agnes. Agnes is a teal green 1996 Ford Mustang that we gave to my youngest son for his 16th birthday. He and his friends were talking at lunch one day and the subject of car names came up, as his friend Nate had named his car Helga. That's right, Helga. See, these kids decided that girls have to give their cars boy names, such as his friend who named her car Vladimir the Impaler. (Of course, it's an Impala) So the guys decided that you couldn't give your car a normal name like Chelsea or Brittney. That would be too obvious, right? So instead they came up with names like Helga, Kitty, and of course, Agnes. My son explained to me that a Mustang has to have a tougher name, not one that would be girly. He said if a guy dated a Helga or an Agnes, you know that he'd be the quiet one in the relationship. "Really Mom," he says "a Helga could beat the crap out of you. I would never date a Helga. Helga and Agnes are most likely Swedish body builders."

Of course, this makes absolutely no sense to those of us over the age of 18, but it is quiet funny. That's what I love about my kid. He makes me laugh just by being him. So now we have a car named Agnes. Just another normal day in Collins-ville.

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