Monday, January 11, 2010

License To Drive Me Crazy!

So this post is a cautionary tale for all you parents out there who have now or will eventually have a teenager who drives. Never sleep late. Never.

So today is Monday, and like most people out there, I groaned when the alarm clock went off and hit the snooze button at least three times. So I rolled out of bed 25 minutes past the time I should have. I rushed to get ready and at 5 past 7, 10 minutes later than usual, but still having enough time to get myself and my kid where we need to be, I entered the kitchen and hollered for Max. "Come on, lets go!!"

Silence. Not unusual. He's probably upstairs. "MAX! Come on!"

More silence. No sound of feet stomping around upstairs or running down the stairs. Hmmm.

I started putting my laptop in my bag, which was on the kitchen table, and that's when I noticed that Max's backpack was gone. As were my keys and the garage door opener. That brat had left me. Stranded. Crap.

So I went back to the bedroom where my husband was still in bed and told him that Max had left me. His kind and caring response was to start laughing and say "Well that's what you get for not getting your butt out of bed on time this morning."

You got to commend the kid. He is never late to school.

He's going to drive me crazy. I think he already has. Never sleep late people. Never.

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