Friday, August 13, 2010

The Song of the Day....

Recently, my good friend Q and I have instituted a little ritual we refer to as the song of the day. We each take a week and email a song to the other every morning. We try to keep it upbeat and positive, but sometimes it gets a little bit crazy too. Like the day she sent me this completely crazy Irish drinking song. I don't know where she found such a thing, but I still haven't stopped laughing about it. Her song choices tend to be random and come from the craziest places. I tend to send her songs you can dance to. Those are the ones that get me going. And if one or both of us is already having a bad day, well that's when the classic punk rock starts to show up.

The point of this daily exercise is a simple one. To get us through another day. Sometimes the sheer boredom of everyday life can be a trigger for depression, so trying to keep yourself upbeat can be a challenge. But it is the sign of a good friend when you try to keep someone else feeling positive as well. And Q is a good friend. One who will seek out rare songs from your favorite band just to add to your collection. Or get you grooving on a Monday with a little reggae. Our shared love of music bonds us and is one of the reasons we have been friends for so many years.

I don't know how long we will continue to do this. Perhaps until iTunes runs out of music? Regardless, I will look back at all of those emails and smile, because my friend and I have not only bonded over music, but we have linked arms in our shared battle with depression as well. I hope she has enjoyed it as much as I have. And I can't wait for Monday when it is my turn again!!!

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