Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Score One For The Old Guy...

I arrived home from picking my son up from school yesterday to see a small priority mail package for me on the table. I didn't recognize the return address, and I didn't remember ordering anything off the Internet. So my son and I were very interested to see what was in the package. Had to be a surprise from someone, right? And oh, were we in for a surprise.

Inside the package wrapped up in brown paper lay about 5 pairs of suspenders in all colors, red, navy blue, tan, black, white. You know, the kind of suspenders OLD MEN wear. Now, this confused me for a minute until I looked at the packing slip and saw that they were ordered and sent to me from my father. In the next 5 seconds these thoughts went through my mind: "Why is my dad sending me suspenders?" "Oh crap, Dad read my blog." "Oh super crap, Dad knows about THE INCIDENT." "Oh crappity crap, I hope he didn't tell mom." "CRAP, Mom knows!"

Apparently, my dad read the previous post on my blog. I found out later my sweet husband assisted him in reading the previous post. So after these thoughts went through my mind, I began to laugh. My son asked me why his grandpa was sending me baseball suspenders. I then told him that Grandpa had read my blog about my pants being too big and was trying to be helpful. My husband saw the suspenders and laughed. My son said "Score points for Grandpa, that's really good!" And I have to admit that of all the comments I have received on my previous post, this has to be the best and most funny. My dad is really creative, and it's apparent where I get my sense of humor from. So score points for the Old Guy, he got me good.

Oh, and:

Dear Mom,

I have since purchased both undergarments and new jeans that fit. Problem solved. But if anyone needs some suspenders....

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