Friday, September 20, 2013

Silence, Part 1

So, I haven't been posting in a few years due to the fact that the tech company I own with my husband has been growing by leaps and bounds and that I have been spending my extra time working on my first novel. Look for that to be published some time next year. :)

But in the meantime, my friend Josh Petrillo has published on his blog a little spoof piece I wrote for him a few years ago. Even if you don't know Josh, you may find it funny. Give it a go.

Wonderbox - The Lost Years

If you are a deep thinker, you may enjoy his blog. And he's a great guy, addiction to Swedish Fish and Mike and Ike's notwithstanding.

As for me, I will be posting more frequently. Twice a week for now. And I may be giving you some sneak peeks at what I have been laboring with for so long. So for the two people who actually read my blog, today's your lucky day. Or not.

See you soon!

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