Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Coming Signs of the (Zombie) Apocalypse

I think that everyone can agree that these are strange times that we live in. The evening (or 24 hour) news is full of bad news. Governments are using chemical weapons on their own countrymen, gunmen are opening fire in schools and malls, terrorists bomb buildings and sporting events and our children cannot ride down the street on their bicycles anymore. Even the local news in my small town is full of murders and home invasion robberies. There is no such thing as safety anymore. The media tells us that our world is a ticking time bomb until The. Worst. Happens.

So what do we do to prepare for the worst case scenario? What should my husband do to keep his family safe from harm should we be under siege from unknown sources, no gas, no food, our lives in danger? Should we stockpile food, water, medical supplies, warm blankets? What does my husband, in all his wisdom do?

That, my friends, is his answer. Soy sauce packets from the Chinese take away. He says it will ward off zombies. This is his stash. I should also mention that there are three bottles of soy sauce in the refrigerator. So, that's one apocalyptic scenario covered. I feel so much safer now, don't you?

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