Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Girl Can't Think Under These Conditions

Reasons why I can't get much writing done:

1) The squirrel with a death wish in the back yard. The dogs come in and less than 5 minutes later want to go out to chase said squirrel with death wish. This happens All Day Long. I believe it is an evil plot on behalf of the squirrel. Unfortunately, squirrel is faster than all three dogs.

2)Twitter and Facebook. Do I really need to explain this? Although I admit that my day job requires me to be on Facebook and Twitter as I run the social media accounts for my clients.

3)Tumblr and YouTube. I have no excuse for Tumblr. I blame that on my obsession with Doctor Who. YouTube wastes my time with thisthisthisthisthis, and sometimes something like this. Don't try and tell me this is a problem unique to me. I know the interwebs!!

4) Did I mention the squirrel?

5) Occasionally I get lost in Knithacker's world. It's an easy thing to do.

6) Blue Byte Technology Solutions. Otherwise known as the day job. But since I own the company along with my husband, I guess I should do something every now and again. But my office is located in the home, so pajamas are sometimes acceptable under the dress code.

7) We've discussed the squirrel, right???

8) The desperate call for coffee and or tea at any given moment. I really dream of the day that the stuff makes itself and magically appears in front of me.

9) Actual writer's block. The paralysing realization that you've got nothing else to move the story forward. I have yet to figure out a decent way to deal with this. Right now, it's just frustrating.

And the Top Ten reason:


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