Friday, November 1, 2013

Lovin' Those Moves

I used to dance. I used to teach dance. I used to be a choreographer. But not any more. Unfortunately, an injury to my back has left me with a permanent limp in my left leg. I can walk without help, especially if I concentrate, as I have been known to randomly lose my balance. Running is not advisable, and neither is dancing.

This is a very sad thing because for most of my life, dance has been a passion. I love it as an art form, a way to exercise, and mostly as a way to have fun and relieve stress. I can sort of bop around now, but truly busting a move is a difficult thing. And usually ends in tears from the pain. So I have done the adult thing and given it up. But I still love it. Which brings me to today's topic: Excellence in Dance.

Surfing through YouTube is a great way to see what is going on in the world of dance, and I have found a few outstanding examples of dance that have brought joy to my soul this week for a few different reasons. If you feel like taking the time, please watch these videos and leave a positive comment, because really, excellence should be celebrated.

1) The Naked and Famous - I Kill Giants. I love this band, their music is always good. This video is now one of my permanent favourites. When I would teach, and when I worked as a choreographer, I always tried to tell my dancers that it is not enough to portray the emotion on your face. You have to become that emotion with your whole body. This song is about losing someone to cancer, and these dancers become all the emotions of what it feels like to watch someone die. I've been through this and it's pretty spot on. Check it out here.

2) I love tap. I know that a lot of people say that it is boring. Watch this and tell me that's boring. I could watch this all day. It makes me so happy.

3) One of my all time favorites. It's amazing what this guy can do with his body. He's simply brilliant. Watch him move.

And finally, the dance group I founded still exists. It is now run by my most awesome former assistant, Brittany. Some of the members have left, but the core group remains the same. To those ladies I would like to say this: You are beautiful. You are talented. Dance is art, and the world likes to put labels on art. The world likes to criticize art. Don't listen, and don't accept any label that tries to attach itself to you. Only you know your purpose. Only you know your calling. Stay true to what is in your heart. Protect it. Nurture it. Let it out to breathe. And know that you are loved. Always. By me.

If you would like to see examples of what these ladies do, they have a YouTube page. Check them out and show them some love. People brave enough to post their talent on YouTube deserve some love.

P.S. I am participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I'm making a Herculean effort to make some real progress on the novel I've been working on. Which will prove to be a challenge with all the travel I have scheduled for this month. What that means for you, dear readers, is that these blog posts might get a little wacky. But you should be used to it by now. See you next week.

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