Monday, February 17, 2014

Big Announcements!

And ... She's back! Did you miss me? I missed me! Where have I been? Well, funny you should ask ... I have three reasons for my extended absence, and a grand plan for the future to not let it happen again! Ready for some news? Of course you are! Here we go!!!

Reason Number One: The holidays always bring about family time, and our little family has been separated by geography. This has meant more travel time! Travel means that my schedule has been topsy turvy and that has had a major impact on my creativity!

Reason Number Two: The dreaded day job! (It's not really dreaded. I love that I get to own my own company and to work every day with my husband as my partner!) The end of the year brought about meetings for new marketing plans for the new year and January meant setting those plans into motion. We decide on television advertising this year and that meant coming up with commercial ideas. This was time consuming, but also heaps of fun! One of the shows we are advertising locally on is the Walking Dead. We decided to use the opportunity to poke fun at our obsession with zombies. Here is the 30 second commercial:

As you can tell by watching that, that we also did an extended version to drive people to our website. We lovingly spoofed The Walking Dead, Office Space, and The Office. Blogger won't let me upload the extended version, so go here to see it. It's pretty funny! I think I came up with a great concept, even if it did take time away from my blog. ;)

Reason Number Three: This reason also includes the big announcement, so bear with me! So a while ago, I decided that my blog would also be a way to market the big writing project (when it gets published). So I made the decision to move away from blogger and to get my own website. And after speaking with the other web designer in the office, we determined that we could have the new website up and running in about a week. That was in the beginning of November. And here we are mid February. Work, the holidays, and life have gotten in the way of making go live. But I have high hopes that we can have it up and running by March! I know that is only two weeks away, but I'm hopeful ... always hopeful.

One change that I will be making with the blog (and one I'm pretty excited about) is the addition of guest bloggers. I know plenty of extraordinary women who are creative, experienced and have loads to say, but no time for a blog of their own. So I have been extending invitations to some of these women to write a post about anything they feel like. This way, the blog gets more content, and really interesting content at that, and you, the reader, get a chance to hear from women of various age groups and interests. I think it is going to be great fun! And you never know. We might hear from a gentleman or two as well.

I hope you are as excited about this as I am! We live in a unique time where the possibilities of what we can accomplish are only limited by our imaginations and our willingness to see it through. So the next time you hear from me, it will be to announce the new website going live. So be prepared! I'll see you soon!

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